Although no salaries are paid here, it still takes a lot of resources to keep the Sanctuary up and running. Our resident animals are fed approximately a half ton of food every day, 75% of it meat. The many special needs animals at our facility require medication. Our outreach program requires special transportation and insurance. Educational materials come with publication costs. The list of expenses is endless!

Fortunately, the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Sactuary has been blessed by many generous individuals and businesses who have become decided to become part of our family by becoming members or otherwise donate to our operations. We can honestly say we could not do the good work we do with wildlife and companion animal rescue, care, education and research without their contributions.

All of us at The Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary wish to give truly heartfelt ROARS OF THANKS to all those who have volunteered or donated to the foundation. Thanks for your support!

Business Donors & Grantors


7 Eleven Materials
All Metals Steel
Arthur Ashley Williams Foundation

For supporting us with annual grants over the past decade.


BCT Sand & Rock
Builder’s Supply

For donating lumber to lay out the walkway.


Butte County Fish and Game Commission

For their annual grant and for supporting us in our work with wildlife since the start.


Butte Creek Foundation

For their generous donation and continuous support.


Campbell Fencing
CGC Classic Golf Car Inc
Charter Media

For organizing and donating our advertising/awareness campaign.


Chico Oxford Suites

For continued support in so many areas.


Cooper’s Landscape & Supplies
Durham Pump
Ed Brown

For donating gravel and roadbase.


Frankin Construction
The End Zone

For sponsoring a fund raising event and their on-going support.


Feather River Aggregate
Gates Resale

For their generous donation of tarps to help with the storm repairs.


Glide Foundation

For providing grants for various projects at our facility.


Gray Rock Trucking

For trucking in all the gravel for the walkway.


Green Feet
Harrison Drywall
H & R Block – Gridley
Home Depot – Yuba City
Jitterbug Joe′s

For their continued support.


Johnny’s Lock-n-Key
Johnson Roofing Company

For donating the roofing paper necessary for storm repairs.


Kelly Moore Paint
Lash’s Glass
The William H. and Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation - The Harris Foundation has provided grants to us for several years.
Magoon Signs
MC2 Design Group, Inc.

For the many design projects and their on-going support.


Meek’s Lumber

For their donation of lumber and plywood for repairs after the big storm.


Moore Fencing

For their generous donation and continued support.


Mooretown Rancheria

For their generous contribution in becoming a Seed Sponsor.


MTL Construction

For welding our new fence.


Mystery Donor #1

For anonymously donating food preparation tools for our nutrition program. Please call us and let us know who you are so we can properly thank you!


M&M Trucking
Norcal Restaurant Supply

For their donation of food preparation tools to make the job of feeding the animals easier.


Northgate Rock
North Valley Community Foundation

For providing a channel through which people can contribute, and for their great advice and training on running a not-for-profit foundation!


On Shore Foundation

For their continued support.


Orchard Supply Hardware

For their generous donation of tarps after the storms.


Oroville Sports Club
Oxford Suites

For helping our out of town visitors.


Pacific Supply
Payless Building Supply
Perkin’s Glass

For fixing the windscreen of one of our outreach vehicles.


Pro Aggregate Inc.
Quality Used Tires
Raley’s Superstores

For their continued support over many years.



For your continued support throughout the years.


Rolf Trucking
Ryther Dailey Construction

For their tremendous help with repairs and for the great walkway.


Santa Anita Racetrack

For printing our calendars free of charge.


Sierra Canine -
Sutherland Landscape
Thomson & Hendricks, Inc.

For their help with our Use Permit and relocation plan.


Sons of Italy

For your financial contribution and continuous marketing efforts to the community on behalf of the Sanctuary.


Tile Outlet
Tool Repeat
Tozier′s True Value Hardware

For thier continued support.


Tri County Economic Development Corporation

For their help with our relocation efforts!


Valley Rock

For donating truck & trailer loads of gravel for the walkway!


Valley Wide Fastener

For providing all the fasteners used by the Foundation, literally thousand’s each year.



For their contributions, and unending support for the foundation.


Individual & Family Contributors

Rolando Alaniz
Dawn Alves, DVM

For providing on going veterinary care and support.


Tom & Sandie Bryan

For their continued support in so many areas.


Rocky Campbell

For help with so many projects.


Becky Cantrell
Clara Chestnut

For all of her contributions and continuing support.


Carolyn Clarkson and Family


Scherba Media –

For production and branding services including web development, photography, and training videos.


Brad Forsythe

For his donation of straw, lumber and tin roofing.


Joan Frazzini

For being the Sanctuary’s shoulder to lean on.


Floyd Hackmann – Our own “Mr. Help”. No matter what we need help with, Floyd comes running to lend a hand!
Michelle Hunter

For sharing our love of animals.


Tyler Hutchison, DVM
Candy Juararena

For all you do and your owngoing support.


Jim Krupocki

For being there.


Cynthia Ledger

For anything and everything.


Bernice Livingston

For wonderful fund raising ideas!


Debra Lucero – Her input on tourism and fund raising have been exceptional!
Williams Lyman, DVM

For providing ongoing veterinary care and support.


Bob & Becky Mason

For their assistance in areas too numerous to mention.


Mr. & Mrs. L. Murdo

For their ongoing support of the animals


Pete Nelson
Mr. Gene Orloff

For his generous donation to the Foundation.


Cassie Riddle
Leland Shapiro, Ph.D.

For being an advisor to the Foundation for many years.


Mr. & Mrs. Seward Schreder

For the generous donation of a vehicle for the Foundation’s use.


John Silverburg

For being a sponsor and helping out in so many ways.


Mr. & Mrs. John Silverman

For sponsoring our leopard, Zeus.


Kyle Smart
Dave & Nell Stevens

For their continued support.


Dave Jr. & Carol Stevens

For their continued support.


Brett Stone

For her generous donation.


Cliff and Leslie Sutton

For their continued support.
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Tartar

For being the Foundation′s auto mechanic – free of charge – for many years.


Audrey Taylor

For her wonderful advice on our relocation and business plans.


Veronica Walker

For taking the initiative in coordinating repairs after the big storm.


Jerry Waters, M.D.

For sponsoring Adonis, our tiger with cancer.


Bob & Brenda Wentz

For giving so much of themselves to our operations.


Donald & Denise Vaughn – The Vaughns are a huge help to the Foundation.
David Main and family

For sponsoring the animals.


Roy & Terri Stair

For their support during this relocation process.


Mark Steel
Mr. & Mrs. John Strisower

For their ongiong support


Chris Smith
Michael Timar & Family

For always being there for the animals.


Dave Vickers

For protecting us all.


Rick Webb

For being there for us. Our “go getter”!


Corporate Members

  • BTS

  • For sponsoring our ocelot Bastet

  • Mooretown Rancheria

  • Seed Sponsor

  • Richard Tomesen


Individual Members

  • Pat Fitton

  • Tamary Lynch

  • Nancy Bicknell

  • Gary & Annierose Moran

  • Glen & JoAnne Goodman

  • Tom & Mady Trask

  • Larry & Valery Decker & Family

  • Frank Holtz

  • Dorothy Whitlock

  • Greg Purell

  • Sharon Ewing

  • Pat Vowels

  • Jamie Candiff

  • Bill & Georgia Suits

  • Paul & Sarah Manuel

  • Sharon C. McKee

  • Sarita Carey

  • Cecil & Teri Robbins

  • Phyllis R. Isenberg

  • Colleen Powell & Condor Family

  • Molly Morgan

  • Scott Reed

  • Sally Le Mieuz



  • A roar of thanks to all of our tireless volunteers!

  • We would not be able to operate without them and we are so thankful for each and every one!