You can help!

Here at the Wildlife Sanctuary, there are no salaries or stipends. One-hundred percent of your donation goes directly either to the care and nurturing of our animals, or our research and educational programs. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation, your donations are tax deductible.

Like most non-profit organizations, we have both new and continuing needs that could really use your support. We happily accept any donations, cash or in-kind. All will be put to good use here at the Sanctuary.

Donations of any size help us achieve our mission and are greatly appreciated. We invite you to support by donating below.

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Annual Sponsorships

Sponsor an animal for a year and help provide specialized care for these amazing animals.

Please specify which animal you wish to sponsor in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section in Paypal


Bearded Dragons

Blue-Tongue Skinks


Ball Python

Milk Snakes

King Snakes

Red Tail Boa

Burmese Python



African Greys





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Nina – Coatimundi

Bernie Mundi - Coatimundi

Mulder – Fennec Fox

Scully 2 - Fennec Fox

Ishi – Grey Fox

Fast Jack - Grey Fox

Luna – Red Fox

Buster Pawsey - Red Fox

Wylie – Coyote

Tenacity - Coyote

Turkey Vulture

Olli - Great Horned Owl

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Ranger – Bobcat

Nan – Lynx

Maji - Lynx

Gabby – Ocelot

Sharon – Serval

Kaia – Fishing Cat

Michael – Cougar

Alamea - Cougar

Tshuma – Leopard

Zoey – Leopard

Chez - Ring-Tail Lemur

Austin – Ring-Tail Lemur

Addie - Ring Tail Cat

Alex- Alligator

Thurston – Deer

Toby – Deer

Cliff – Deer

Rehab - Deer

Wentz - Wallaby


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Dana – Tiger

Savara – Tiger

Zuri – Tiger

Adara – Tiger

Lapua – Tiger

Jade - Tiger

David Alan -Tiger

Samson- Lion

Dr. Dallas – Lion

Northgate – Lion

Ani - Lion

Maya – Liger

Outlaw – Liger

Topaz - Tiliger

Tom – Bear

Booboo – Bear

Glenda - Bear

Dori – Bear

Winston – Bear

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Everest - Snow Leopard

Brenda – Snow Leopard

Rosie - Clouded Leopard

Nebula - Clouded Leopard

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Please specify which animal you wish to sponsor in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section in Paypal

Have something in mind? There may be something special you would like to do for the Sanctuary such as sponsoring one of our resident animals, a classroom visit or an outreach program. You may want to help with our native species rehabilitation and release program. It is all up to you, and the sky is the limit on what we can accomplish!

In-Kind Donations

Do you have some old tools you are thinking about replacing? An old vehicle that runs but no longer suits your needs? Finishing a construction project and ended up with extra materials? By donating them to the Sanctuary, you will get a write-off for your taxes and help us complete critical projects here at our facility. Everybody wins!

As a non-profit foundation, we are always thankful for help from generous donors. The following programs are currently in need of your support.



We are always in need of materials for our educational programs. Things that we can use include:

  • Printing services.

  • Pens, pencils and paper goods.

  • Arts and crafts supplies.

  • Storage containers suitable for educational materials.

  • Computer supplies.

  • Drinks and snacks suitable for young children.

  • Water for visitors.

  • Money for gas or fuel cards.

Animal Care: 

Our animals have a wide variety of constant needs. Examples of appropriate donations for this program include:

  • Appropriate foods. (Raw chicken, lamb, beef, pork, rabbit, duck, turkey, deer meat with appropriate paperwork) All food for the animals must meet the same requirements as for human consumption.

  • Enrichment items such as boomer balls, or appropriate toys (please call for specifics)

  • Feeding dishes, bowls, buckets and trays. All items must be stainless steel, no glass items please.

  • Blankets, towels and sheets (we go through a lot of these.)

  • Food preparation and storage equipment. (chopping knives, axes, freezers and large tupperware containers.)

  • Cleaning supplies (bleach, dish soap, disposable gloves, detergent, brillo pad, sponges, bottle brushes, brooms, mops, shop vac, cordless vacuums, etc.)

  • Heat lamps.

  • Solar Panels to heat alligator and otter ponds.

  • Supplies for quarantine and treatment room.

  • Scales to weigh meat: up to 50 pounds. Digital scale up to 1000 pounds.

Maintenance and operations needs:

While most of our resources go to caring for our resident animals and developing/operating our educational programs, our facility itself requires a lot of time and energy. We do as much as we can ourselves, but there are definitely things we could use to make this important part of our foundation run more efficiently, allowing us to focus our effort on animals and education.

  • Shavings (cedar or pine)

  • Golf/maintenance carts.

  • Tools of just about any type, including those used in grounds maintenance.

  • Vehicles suitable for hauling feed and other goods.

  • Construction materials such as lumber, pipe, gravel, concrete, heavy gauge chain link fencing (9 and 11 gauge, 8ft tall), etc.

  • Gas for vehicles.

  • Generator for backup power

  • Gas for tools such as weed eaters, generators,lawn mowers,

  • Maintenance equipment such as mowers, trimmers, etc.

  • Feed carts, wheelbarrows, air compressors, portable welder, etc.

  • Wood post; wood and metal.

  • Plywood

  • Sand

  • Crusher dust

  • Solar panels

  • Laptop computer

  • Tarps, ties, fasteners, hoses, extension cords and just about anything else you can think of!

Our Wish List:

Donations of any of these items would be much appreciated!

New Needs:

  • Shavings (cedar or pine)

  • 2 -golf carts

  • Horse or Stock trailer

  • Horse trough

  • Pole saw

  • 30 pieces of 10′ tall 2-3/8″ schedule 40 pipe post

  • 30 pieces of 10′ tall 1-5/8″ schedule 40 pipe post

  • Chain-link fence, 9 & 11 gauge, 10′ and 8′ tall (6 rolls)

  • Security System

    • Security System Unit

    • Wiring for security system

    • Security System Installation

    • Solar powered security lights

  • Treatment room on site

  • Scale that goes up to 1,000 lbs (walk on scale)

Recurring Needs:

  • 1.5-2″ gravel

  • Shavings (cedar or pine)

  • Crusher Dust

  • 100′ garden hoses

  • zip ties

  • Yard tools – large shovels and rakes

  • wheel barrels

  • heavy duty push brooms

  • sprinklers

  • brass clips

  • carabiners all sizes

  • 3/4 plywood

  • roofing material

  • XL garbage bags

  • hay -any type

  • sledge hammers

  • nails

  • baby wipes

  • electoral cords [outdoor]

  • wiring for security system

  • grass seed

  • shade cloth

  • office supplies

  • rubber boots – all sizes

  • pounders

  • pry bars

  • tension bars – 4′ & 8′

  • fire extinguishers

  • picnic tables

  • Oxygen Tanks (equipment)

  • telephone poles

  • railroad ties

  • half round wine barrels

  • weed eater (gas powered)

How to Donate:

Donations may be made online, through our paypal account or if you wish to make a donation in person we are happy to accept all donations between 9 AM and 5 PM, Tuesday through Sunday, or please call ahead to schedule a time.

Remember, we are a 501(c)3 foundation which means that your donation will be tax deductible as allowed by law. We will happily provide you with a receipt for your donation for tax purposes. Cash donations are needed and welcome.

Donate safely & securely via PayPal:

Donate through PayPal