Juan & Maria – Double Yellow-Headed Amazon

Juan and Maria are Double Yellow-headed Amazons (Amazona oratrix). Yellow-headed Amazons have a wide variety of subspecies that are found from Mexico to northern South America. Double Yellow-headed Amazons, like Juan and Maria, are native to Mexico and northern Central America, and are given this name based on the yellow feathers on the crown and nape (back of the neck). They are found in forests near bodies of water. Juan and Maria love to mimic our words and also love to eat peanuts! They talk so much that it sounds like they are talking on the phone!

They are a popular pet because of their ability to imitate human words or “talk.” They will learn behaviors or tricks for treats and praise. They are not shy by any means and can be aggressive so it is important to have experience with medium to large sized parrots before getting a Double-yellow headed Amazon as a pet. They are endangered due to involvement in the pet trade, and because of habitat destruction. It is only legal to own these birds if purchased from a pet store.

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double yellow-headed amazon Statistics:

Body Length
Gestation Period
Clutch Size
Life Span

13 - 16 inches
12 - 19 ounces
24 - 26 days
3 - 4 eggs
50 - 75 years