Ellie - wolf hybrid

Ellie, born July 2017, is a female wolf hybrid, 95% wolf (Canis lupus)and 5% canine. She was illegally owned prior to joining the Foundation, and lived among 240 other animals. Due to her prior living conditions, she did not receive the care she needed and as such is unable to be released to the wild. Butte County and Fish and Wildlife brought her to us to provide a forever home with the love, care, and nutrition she needs. Ellie will live with us as an ambassador for her species to help educate the public about helping to keep wild animals in the wild.

Wolves and other wild animals do not make good pets! Ellie is extremely shy so we have created a special den box for her to feel safe but also keep an eye on her surroundings. If you see her pacing, that is a good sign! She is adjusting to her new home and is checking you out. Look around, do you see her caretakers nearby? The animals who live here become very familiar with and recognize their voices. Her enclosure is larger than required by the state, but we are hoping to provide a companion.

There are less than 7,000 gray wolves living in our American wilderness. Though she may look slightly similar, do not confuse her for a coyote. Wolves are larger and unlike coyotes, they howl, not bark. Ellie is the only wolf reported in Butte County.

Wolf Hybrid Statistics:

Body Length
Gestation Period
Litter Size
Life Span

41-63 inches long, 31-33 inches at shoulder height; tail 11-20 inches long
Males: 95-99 lbs Females: 79-85 lbs
62-75 days
5-6 pups
7-16 years in the wild